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“Russian – Western relationship crisis is increasing. How the expert union can help?”

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Life after tragedy

by Jānis Urbanovičs

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We need to overcome the problem by rising to the next level

Albert Einstein

Before we start discussion about the most important, I will touch the secondary within the goal of this article. A couple of words on systemic crisis which is being experienced in today’s politics, economics, culture, on various levels throughout the world. Specifying its indices – would imply repeating what is already said. However, by the law of genre, it is necessary to name the most important of them.

The closest one is right before our eyes – crisis of the EU itself and its ideas regarding the future of the union. In 2005 the European constitution was buried, and then came Brexit. Many questions, but few answers and even less hope. Process, initiated long ago in Roman Palazzo Chigi in the sixth decade of its history has spluttered and seems like even turned backwards.

Globalization crisis. Behind this round and not very clear term I suggest to consider aligning – natural and involuntary, as well as unification of different countries and territories under the rule of the United States. This project in the last years has also started to rein in in the face of growing resistance. Why? Is it bad when everybody is doing equally well? Why is globalization process passing so anxiously?

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