Europe vs. racism - who wins?

by Jānis Urbanovičs

An important component of a serious problem is that it cannot be resolved. In the best case - complexity of the solution and huge amount of resources has to be invested. It is a waste not only of money, but also of human effort and time, which is always in short supply. That is why the Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris has made it possible for Europe and the world to understand a very important thing – at present the climate change is not our main problem - if the compromise in this respect can be reached this easily. For more impression, this was announced after a demonstratively extended discussion; clamour caused by the media and NGOs, and it was hailed as a significant achievement - at the same time being aware that another eruption of a volcano can be comparable to industrial pollution of a decade. Read more here.

Conflict of Integrations in the East of Europe: Ways of Resolution 

by Igor Yurgens

In May 2014 the Institute of Contemporary Development presented the report “Deadlock in the Struggle of Integrations in Europe”  to the participants of the Baltic Forum. The choice of Ukraine and (to a lesser extent) of Moldova in favour of the EU integration project and the challenges associated with this choice were described there.

The authors came to the conclusion that the economic and financial burden of solving socio-economic problems in Ukraine and the development of the economy to even minimal growth would be unsustainable separately both for the EU (with other partners) and Russia together with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). Therefore, all parties should be interested in joint efforts, including removal of the emerging economic and trade barriers. This is dictated by the economy over which political considerations have been dominating so far. Full report is here.

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